Welcome to the website of the Risk Analytics and Data Analysis (RADA) Research Lab at UC Berkeley.

RADAR lab was founded by Professor Xin Guo in 2011, as one of the first data-driven research labs in US focusing on financial time series data, especially large data. Currently the main focus of the lab is on stochastic games, and mathematics of machine learning with applications.

The lab has been supported by Eunke & Optimus, Burning Rock Biotech, and NASDAQ OMX education group, and has collaborated fruitfully with LBNL, Federal Reserve Bank of Washington D. C., Captial Fund Management, and several wall street firms on various projects. Its students have landed top jobs in all the major finance and tech firms, including Google, Facebook, J. P. Morgan, Blackrock, Citadel, and CIBC.

In this site you will find information about members in our group and ongoing research projects.

Our lab is located in:

Room 4174,
Etcheverry Hall,
University of California Berkeley, CA 94720.